Josef Koller

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Transgenic mouse models have provided evidence that activation of the zinc-finger transcription factor GLI1 by Hedgehog (Hh)-signalling is a key step in the initiation of the tumorigenic programme leading to Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC). However, the downstream events underlying Hh/GLI-induced BCC development are still obscure. Using in vitro model systems to(More)
BACKGROUND Because there are few data available on the accuracy of 2D-echocardiography to assess right ventricular (RV) size and function in patients with far-advanced lung disease, in this prospective study, we compared various echocardiographic RV parameters with RV volumes derived from magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). METHODS In 32 patients (18 male,(More)
UNLABELLED Thallium-201 accumulates well in various malignant tumors. The aim of this study was to evaluate the potential of 201Tl imaging in patients with metastatic melanoma. METHODS Fifty patients with suspected melanoma metastases were studied after intravenous injection of a mean tracer activity of 100 MBq 201Tl-chloride. We took sequence images up(More)
Acute macular neuroretinopathy is a rare disease that has been described mainly in women taking hormonal contraceptives. An association either with a viral illness or with the parenteral use of sympathomimetics was sometimes found. We describe its occurrence in a 22-year-old female following an anaphylactic shock after a bee sting, and in a 26-year-old(More)
BACKGROUND Calciphylaxis is a rare, yet life-threatening disease mainly occurring in dialysis patients. Traditional options of treatment remain unsatisfactory. METHODS Here we present a novel, combined approach, treating calciphylaxis with IV sodium thiosulfate, cinacalcet and sevelamer. In a case series five hemodialysis patients, have been successfully(More)
UNLABELLED The aim of the study was to determine whether the sentinel lymph node (SLN) can be accurately detected in cutaneous melanoma patients when the injection distance from the tumor site is expanded. METHODS In 100 patients with cutaneous melanoma, lymphoscintigraphy was performed twice. First, we injected 37 MBq (99m)Tc nanocolloid intracutaneously(More)
Appreciation of three-dimensional relationships could be useful in cardiac diagnosis, decision making and planning of surgery. However, current ultrasound techniques provide only two-dimensional views. A recently developed echocardiographic computerized tomography unit allows reconstruction of three-dimensional images from a series of transoesophageal(More)