Josef Kögel

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The chlorophyll synthase gene from oat (Avena sativa) was cloned and expressed in Escherichia coli. The deduced amino acid sequence consists of 378 amino acids including a presequence of 46 amino acids. Deletion mutants show that a core protein comprising amino acid residues 88 to 377 is enzymatically active. The sequence of the mature protein shows 85%(More)
The objectives of this study were to investigate the effects of exogenous somatotropin on growth performance and carcass traits and on concentrations of somatotropin (ST), IGF-I, insulin, glucagon, free fatty acids (FFA), and glucose in plasma of finishing Simmental beef heifers. Three treatment groups, which included 12 heifers each, received a(More)
Insgesamt bei 123 weiblichen ausgewachsenen Wistar-Ratten wurde über 28 Tage mit einem Zugfederdraht der erste Molar des Oberkiefers orthodontisch bewegt. Diese orthodontisch stimulierte Zahnbewegung wurde mit lokaler Applikation von Kupfersalizylat, Kupferindometazin oder ɛ-Aminokapronsäure beeinflußt. Die Anwendung von Kupfersalizylat und(More)
Results of studies on beef production are shown based on fattening and feeding trials with bulls and heifers conducted in the last two decades by the former Bavarian Institute of Animal Production, Grub (near Munich), Germany. The examinations on meat quality were done by the former Federal Institute on Meat Science, Kulmbach, (northern Bavaria), Germany.(More)
In a total of 123 female adult Wistar rats the first upper molar was moved by orthodontics for more than 28 days. This orthodontically stimulated tooth movement was influenced by local application of Cu-salicylate, Cu-indomethacin or epsilon-Aminocapronacid. The application of Cu-salicylate and Cu-indomethacin caused reduced tooth movement, a decrease in(More)