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In June 2005, an ad hoc Expert Committee formed by the Pituitary Society convened during the 9th International Pituitary Congress in San Diego, California. Members of this committee consisted of invited international experts in the field, and included endocrinologists and neurosurgeons with recognized expertise in the management of prolactinomas.(More)
OBJECTIVE The Leksell gamma knife (LGK) is one of the treatment options for pituitary adenomas. We report on our long-term experience treating acromegaly using LGK. DESIGN Since 1993 we have followed 96 acromegaly patients through periods of from 12 to 120 months. The mean follow-up period was 53.7 +/- 26.8 months. Seventy-two patients were treated with(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate long term results and independent predictors of outcome of aortic valvoplasty. DESIGN Retrospective follow up study. Independent predictors of outcome identified by multiple logistic regression. SETTING Tertiary referral centre. PATIENTS 269 consecutive patients treated at the median age of 8 months (0-23 years): 80 (30%) under 4(More)
Ghrelin was originally isolated from the rat stomach and significant amounts were found also in the kidney. Present study was designed to examine changes in ghrelin levels in renal failure and their relationship to the GH/IGF-I axis. Fourty patients with mild-to-severe CRF (19 men, 21 women, aged 62.5 +/- 2.2 years, BMI 27.57 +/- 0.73 kg/m(2)) and 34(More)
OBJECTIVE Pharmacological treatment with dopaminergic agonists (DA) is the treatment of choice for prolactinomas. Surgical and radiation treatment is also indicated in certain situations. We describe our 12-year experience in treating prolactinomas with the Leksell gamma knife (LGK). DESIGN We followed 35 prolactinoma patients (25.7% microprolactinomas,(More)
A group of 13 acromegalic patients was treated with lanreotide for 18 months and followed-up echocardiographically; these patients showed significant correlations between the decrease of both growth hormone (GH) and insulin-like growth factor-1 and the decrease of left ventricular mass index. This documents a regression of left ventricular hypertrophy in(More)
The prevalence of sleep apnea syndrome (SAS) in acromegaly is high. Consequences of SAS are serious and are associated with increased morbidity and mortality. The aim of this study was to assess the relative frequency and predictive factors for SAS in a group of patients with acromegaly (n=55). The presence of SAS was evaluated using the Polymesam device.(More)
Pituitary adenomas are frequently occurring intracranial neoplasms. The aim of the treatment of pituitary adenomas is to normalize hormonal hypersecretion, to preserve the normal pituitary function, to reserve or treat impaired pituitary function and to control tumor growth and its mechanical effects on the surrounding structures. Treatment modalities(More)
Ghrelin is an acylated peptide stimulating secretion of the growth hormone (GH). It was originally isolated from the rat stomach as an endogenous ligand for the growth hormone secretagogue receptor. Although being predominantly produced by endocrine cells of the gastric fundus, its secretion has been found in various tissues including the kidney. To study(More)