Josef Haettenschwiler

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Individuals' use of heroin, cocaine, and alcohol during long-term methadone maintenance treatment (MMT) was studied. Prospectively collected data from 103 heroin-addicted individuals who were consecutively admitted for MMT and remained 2 years in treatment were evaluated. The patients were assessed every 6 months with a standardized interview. Three(More)
Although detoxification cannot, in itself, be considered a treatment for addiction, it is one of the most pivotal phases. In order to facilitate entry into recovery and/or rehabilitation programs, a detoxification treatment has to be experienced as easy and safe by the patient. In consideration of the many inconveniences related to standard withdrawal(More)
BACKGROUND Despite the high prevalence of depression, information about the burden of this disease in Switzerland is scarce. A better knowledge of the costs of depression may provide important information for future national preventive programmes, optimizing cost-effective budgeting. The estimates of national costs may improve the public's awareness of(More)
A large percentage of patients in primary care suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). A task force of the Swiss GAD Society has reviewed the scientific literature and has developed treatment recommendations. Basic treatment, adjunctive treatment and therapy of specific problems like insomnia and comorbidities are differentiated. Newer(More)
Appropriate handling of suicidal tendencies is for certain one of the most important duties within ambulant treatment. As various examples show, occurrence of a suicidal tendency can be chronical as well as acute. Well-known risk factors including current psychopathology and psychodynamics help to identify and assess a suicidal tendency and to take(More)
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