Josef H Moore

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The purpose of this study was to compare the effect of a dynamic warm up (DWU) with a static-stretching warm up (SWU) on selected measures of power and agility. Thirty cadets at the United States Military Academy completed the study (14 women and 16 men, ages 18-24 years). On 3 consecutive days, subjects performed 1 of the 2 warm up routines (DWU or SWU) or(More)
  • Warren A Hunt, Robert Bellarmine Krug, J Moore
  • 2004
In this paper we present an overview of the integration of a nonlinear arithmetic reasoning package into ACL2. We provide a brief operational description of the entire arithmetic package and describe how it fits into ACL2's operation, including what was needed for the successful introduction of such a facility into an existing automated theorem prover. We(More)
Postural control is essential for normal daily activities. It is also a crucial requirement for athletic events and activities. Deterioration in this postural control mechanism is termed postural instability and results in increased postural sway. Decrements in postural sway have been documented following a 15.5-mile run. It remains to be seen whether a(More)
Physiology has had, first, biochemistry and, more recently, biophysics separated from it; these new disciplines deal with chemical and physical mechanisms within the biological organism. "Systems biology," the study of the organizational and control properties of these mechanisms, now constitutes the core of physiology. Our group, composed of medical(More)
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