Josef Eberhardsteiner

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The naturally grown material wood exhibits, in addition to its orthotropic material structure, several types of inhomogeneities, where most of them can be allocated to knots and the resulting local fiber deviations. Since they generally lead to a reduction in strength properties, wooden boards must be subjected to a grading process before they can be used(More)
This paper contains a report on a selection of recent research projects carried out at the Institute for Mechanics of Materials and Structures of Vienna University of Technology. The aim of this report is to demonstrate that Computational Mechanics of Materials and Structures is a scientific field with many characteristics of an electronic golem.
The development of the local discontinuous Galerkin method for incompressible fluid flow is reviewed. We display the derivation of this method in the context of the Oseen problem, discuss its stability properties, and present the corresponding a priori error estimates. The numerical performance of the method is tested for the so-called Kovasznay flow. The(More)
The goal of this contribution is the development of a plane stress orthotropic plasticity material model for clear spruce wood. Such a model has to consider an initially linear elastic domain as well as hardening and softening behaviour at higher states of stress and strain, respectively. Combining the advantage of a smooth single-surface plasticity model(More)
The interrelationships between microstructural characteristics and anisotropic elastic properties of strand-based engineered wood products are highly relevant in order to produce custom-designed strand products with tailored properties. A model providing a link between these characteristics and the resulting elastic behavior of the strand products is a very(More)
In studies concerning the stability of surgical tendon fixation techniques, a large variety of test configurations is found resulting in a broad scatter of results. The goal of this study was to establish a reliable test protocol for the investigation of the stability of repair techniques. At 88 fresh bovine shoulders, four different suture configurations(More)
Capillary rheometry simulates polymer extrusion in a simplified way. It allows the characterisation of polymers by means of determination of the viscosity function and extrudate swell. As regards viscous properties, there is still a lack of constitutive characterisation of rubber blends. In this contribution new concepts are presented how the viscous(More)
Um realitätsnahe Berechnungen von Holzkonstruktionen mit modernen numerischen Berechnungsverfahren, wie z.B. der Finite-Elemente-Methode (FEM) durchführen zu können, benötigt man geeignete Werkstoffgesetze. Ein solches Materialmodell haben Mackenzie-Helnwein et al. (2005) für technologisch einwandfreies, d.h. fehlerfreies Fichtenholz entwickelt. Dieser(More)
The mechanical properties of structural timber—particularly in terms of stiffness and strength—are subject to high variability, which also affects the properties of timber products made from structural timber, e.g., glued laminated timber (GLT). In this paper, the influence of the longitudinal stiffness variability of wooden lamellas on the effective(More)