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Small skin wounds in the chick embryo do not heal by lamellipodial crawling of cells at the wound edge as a skin wound does in the adult, but rather by contraction of an actin purse-string that rapidly assembles in the front row of epidermal cells (Martin, P., and J. Lewis. 1992. Nature (Lond.). 360:179-183). To observe the early time course of actin(More)
To elucidate the role of N-linked glycans in triggering T-cell functions, the effects of the N-glycan processing inhibitors 1-deoxymannojirimycin (1-DMM) and swainsonine (SW) were investigated on signaling events and induction of apoptosis in galectin-1 (gal-1)-stimulated Jurkat T lymphocytes. The treatment of Jurkat E6.1 cells with 1-DMM and SW strongly(More)
The detection of galectin-1 (gal-1) in pig granulosa cell lysates by immunoblotting and its cytosolic as well as membrane-associated localization prompted us to study its effects on cell proliferation and regulation of progesterone synthesis. The lectin stimulated the proliferation of granulosa cells from pig ovaries cultured in serum-free medium. Gal-1(More)
Proteomic techniques provide new tools for the global analysis of protein profiles but also for the investigation of specific protein functions. The analysis of signaling cascades has traditionally been performed by the determination of enzymatic or transcription factor activities representing a certain pathway. Functional proteomics now allows more(More)
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