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1 INTRODUCTION Since people settle in cities, urban areas are always undergoing changes caused by redevelopment, refurbishment and new development. The diversification includes single buildings as well as whole districts. The changes of the urban pattern were growing in time and space over the last decades which means that the urban pattern is transformed(More)
Maps have been major sources of information for a long time. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) use digital data, elevation models, satellite images, expert systems and related open source information for planning, detection, evaluation and decision making. Maps as well as GIS use spatial attributes of data in particular. Spatial Information derived is a(More)
In a two factorial trial with 80 (5 x 2 x 8) Sprague-Dawley rats weighing 257 g the influence of different dietary vitamin B6 supply on concentration in blood and milk was examined. The two factors were 5 doses of alimentary vitamin B6 supply during pregnancy (0.6, 3, 6, 18, and 180 mg vitamin B6 per kg diet) and 2 doses in lactation (3 and 6 mg vitamin B6(More)
1 SHORT ABSTRACT While the application of tracking technologies, like GPS, has been developed substantially in the social sciences and transportation sciences in the last decade, it has failed to make a significant impression in the scientific field of spatial planning. This paper explores the current and future possibilities and the limitations for the(More)
1 ABSTRACT This paper presents the strategy for building performance evaluation according to principles of sustainability; based on interdisciplinary, life-cycle oriented planning process. The issue of sustainability is one of the crucial issues the building industry is dealing with today-buildings count to the one of the main consumers of energy and(More)
The paper work investigates a flexible and integrated driver interface concept through the utilisation of wireless technology. The display of in-car sensor parameters and their control has been implemented using a bidirectional wireless system. The wireless system is based on the common Bluetooth standard, which permits a straightforward interface with(More)
Eighty female Sprague-Dawley rats weighing 257 g were fed during gravidity a semi-synthetic diet containing five vitamin-B6-treatment groups (0.6, 3, 6, 18 and 180 mg/kg diet). The daily food intake was 14 g. During the following lactation the rats of each treatment group were divided into two groups containing 3 and 6 mg vitamin B6. At the 14th day of(More)
Eighty female Sprague-Dawley rats were fed a semisynthetic diet during gravidity which was supplemented with 5 mg vitamin B6 per kg diet. The daily food intake was 14 g. During the following lactation the rats were assigned to one of 10 vitamin B6 treatment groups (0, 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 36, 360 and 3,600 mg per kg diet). The feed was given ad libitum. At(More)