Josef Barthel

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We reviewed 195 colonoscopies to determine whether procedure efficiency differed with the use of an intermediate-length (135 cm) colonoscope compared with a long (165 cm) colonoscope. The cecum was intubated with the 135-cm scope in 92.6% of procedures and with the 165-cm colonoscope in 96.8% of procedures (chi 2 method, p = 0.26). The mean procedure(More)
A general approach is proposed to analyze electrical conductivities in aqueous solutions of polybasic organic acids. Experimental conductivities are examined in the context of dissociation and hydrolysis reactions by applying the Quint-Viallard conductivity equations and the Debye-Hückel equations for activity coefficients. The proposed numerical procedure(More)
The knowledge base system ELDAR (ELectrolyte DAta Regensburg), consisting of data base, method base, rule base, and communication manager, classifies the knowledge of electrolyte solutions into factual, algorithmic, and rule knowledge. In this paper information is given on the factual knowledge of ELDAR and the mapping of facts in Codd's relational data(More)
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