Josef Auboeck

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A 56 year old man presented with ichthyosis vulgaris since early childhood, clinically characterised by fine scaling of the trunk and hyperkeratotic scales on the exterior surfaces of the upper and lower extremities. The patient also showed hypothyroidism due to hypoplastic thyroid, cataract, hypercholesterinemia with concommitant arcus cornealis and(More)
Melanotropins (MSH) are involved in tanning by stimulating melanocytes via the activation of the melanocortin-1 receptor to melanin production. Its main site of production is the pituitary gland, but alpha-MSH and related ACTH peptides are produced at other sites, including the skin. It has been hypothesized that systemic levels of alpha-MSH are controlled(More)
Vitiligo is a depigmenting disorder characterized by the development of white patches with evidence in favour of an autoimmune mechanism. We investigated the role of melanotropins and the plasma levels of alpha-melanotropin and ACTH-like immunoreactivities in 40 vitiligo patients with the aim of detecting a possible influence of neuropeptide regulation of(More)
Parallel fluctuations of potential difference (P.D.) across oral and rectal mucosa are probably related to the activity of autonomic nerves rather than adrenal steroids. Unlike rectal mucosa, oral mucosa does not respond to exogenous or endogenous aldosterone. Therefore subtraction of oral P.D. from rectal P.D. gives a closer indication of mineralocorticoid(More)
BACKGROUND In 16 patients with revised metal-on-metal arthroplasty and peri-implant lymphocytic inflammation, we verified the role of metal hypersensitivity by patch testing (PT) and lymphocyte transformation test (LTT). METHODS In the 16 patients with lymphocyte dominated periprosthetic inflammation, allergy history was obtained by a questionnaire,(More)
20 normotensive subjects (10 with a family history of hypertension) were investigated as to whether moderate salt restriction and/or a high potassium intake had a beneficial effect on blood pressure regulation and prevention of hypertension. In all subjects a moderate reduction of salt intake from 200 to 50 mmol/day over 2 weeks reduced the rise in blood(More)
Porcine ear skin is frequently used as a substitute for human skin in dermatological research and is especially useful for tape stripping experiments where the penetration of active substances into the uppermost skin layers is investigated. However, certain differences between the surface properties of these skin types exist, and reports on the(More)
Die Vitiligo stellt eine Pigmentierungsstörung mit einem assoziierten autoimmun bedingten Verlust von Melanozyten der Epidermis dar. Die Beteiligung humoraler wie auch zellulärer immunologischer Vorgänge wurde untersucht. Wir evaluierten die Rolle proinflammatorischer Cytokine und von Lymphozyten-Subtypen im peripheren Blut bei einer Gruppe österreichischer(More)
1. Twenty-one normotensive subjects were studied to assess any possible benefits of moderate salt restriction and of high potassium intake in the prevention of hypertension in man. 2. The effects of salt reduction from 200 to 50 mmol/day and/or of an increase of potassium intake from 80 to 200 mmol/day over a 2 week period, on blood pressure, plasma(More)