Josef Altmann

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Information about the user's environment offers new opportunities and exposes new challenges in terms of time-aware, location-aware, device-aware and personalized applications. Such applications constantly need to monitor the environment – called context to allow the application to react accordingly to this context. Context-awareness is especially(More)
In the last few years agent technology, especially mobile agents, became a new exciting field in computer science. Agent development is getting more and more interesting, even in commercial infrastructures, so it is worth considering in depth their strengths and the situations in which they can be used effectively. During our research work we figured out,(More)
This paper describes the current status and the results of our process management system for defining and reconstructing clinical care processes, which contributes to compare, analyze and evaluate clinical processes and further to identify high cost tasks or stays. The system is founded on IHE, which guarantees standardized interfaces and interoperability(More)
The development of large software systems is teamwork that requires tool support for coordinating cooperative activities, maintaining project control and sharing information. Existing collaborative environments that aim to support cooperative software development often try to predefine and automate the development process. This leads to problems since(More)
Group support systems impose specific requirements on the underlying infrastructure regarding communication, configuration and data management. In this paper we concentrate on computer-supported cooperative work in the area of software development. We present the main principles of an experimental toolset for cooperative software development, outline(More)
Acquired brain injury, mostly caused by stroke, is one main cause for adult disability, often involving cognitive impairment. Neuro-rehabilitation aims at treating these impairments by maximizing the effect of brain plasticity and functional reorganization. Specific exercises help patients to regain skills that have temporarily been lost. Yet, conventional(More)
This paper describes the design and realization of a componentbased application framework to develop Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) are a recently defined category of industrial software for the plant floor/manufacturing environment. The overall goal has been to enable the development of MES software systems by(More)
The appropriate fulfillment of quality requirements of Web-based systems is essential for the success on the World Wide Web. Thus, in contrast to conventional software testing, where the focus is mainly on functionality, a wide range of quality issues are of utmost importance in testing Web-based systems. In this work, we present a systematic approach to(More)