Jose Vicente Hernandez

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Financial institutions recognize the importance of quantifying (and managing) operational risk. While losses like the $1.6 billion loss suffered by Barings in 1995 capture most of the attention, operational losses are widespread. PricewaterhouseCoopers compiled press reports indicating that financial institutions lost in excess of $7 billion in 1998 due to(More)
Although patients with schizophrenia exhibit autobiographical memory impairment, which is considered to be a limiting factor in their daily life, the mechanisms underlying such impairment have been rarely studied. In the current study, we investigate whether rumination and, in particular, brooding, which is a form of maladaptive repetitive thinking, may be(More)
Scabies is a relatively common disease among Spanish children. The classic papulovesicular type is not usually a diagnostic problem. Therefore, the nodular type, much less frequent, is unknown for a lot of specialists (except dermatologist), and even it is mistaken for Histiocytosis or Lymphoma. Authors present a female infant, 6 months old, with nodular(More)
Overgeneral schemas and lack of autobiographical memory (AM) specificity about our past experiences can predict mood disturbance. Rumination, functional avoidance and executive processes are the main explanatory variables of such overgenerality. However, in non-clinical samples, rumination predicts overgenerality most consistently after the induction of(More)
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