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We intend to reflect on the problems encountered and methods applied when trying to represent multilingual and culture-specific knowledge in a terminological database which is set up to provide multilingual input for ontology engineers. The database consists of terminological information referring to units of understanding in the domain of value added tax.(More)
The instability of personality characteristics and personality disorders during the lifespan is the topic of this literature search. It concerns the effects of this instability for personality assessment in older adults. Five longitudinal studies, based on the Big Five model of Costa & McCrae, support the hypothesis that personality characteristics change(More)
This paper wants to verify to what extent semantic effects contribute to the alternation between inflected and uninflected adjectives in a definite NP with a singular neuter head noun as observed in the Corpus Gesproken Nederlands. Existing accounts invoke the non-compositional semantics of the adjective-noun combination to interpret this case of(More)
BACKGROUND In psychiatry for older adults (> 60 years) personality disorders play an important part in diagnosis and treatment and in the advice given to health professionals and carers on how to deal with this age group. So far, however, research in this area has been inadequate. AIM To investigate age-related diagnostic and therapeutic aspects of(More)
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