Jose Suarez

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The objective of this work was the generation of an animal model of the SCA2 disease for future studies on the benefits of therapeutic molecules and neuropathological mechanisms that underline this human disorder. The transgenic fragment was microinjected into pronuclei of B6D2F1 X OF1 mouse hybrid strain. For Northern blots, RNAs were hybridized with a(More)
A coprological survey to determine the influence of some intrinsic factors (breed, age, and sex) on the infection by helminth parasites in equine livestock (n = 418) under an oceanic climate area (NW Spain) was conducted. Faecal samples were individually collected and analyzed by the coprological techniques. The main strongylid genera identified were(More)
With micro-data from before and after a major reform in 1999 to the structure and form of in-work transfers in the UK, this paper uses a structural model of labour supply and programme participation to evaluate the labour market impact of Working Fami-lies' Tax Credit (WFTC). Estimates suggest that by 2002, WFTC had increased labour supply of lone mothers(More)
In-work benefits are promoted as a way to make low-income families better off without introducing adverse work incentives. In 1999, the structure of in-work benefits in the UK changed, and their generosity almost doubled, through the introduction of Working Families' Tax Credit (WFTC). With micro-data from before and after its introduction, a structural(More)
Helminth zoonoses are parasitic infections shared by humans and animals, being the soil-transmitted helminths (STHs) mainly caused by roundworms (ascarids) and hookworms. This study was aimed to assess the individual and/or mixed production of two helminth-antagonistic fungi, one ovicide (Mucor circinelloides) and other predator (Duddingtonia flagrans).(More)
Seizures and seizure-like activity may occur in patients experiencing aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage. Treatment of these events with prophylactic antiepileptic drugs remains controversial. An electronic literature search was conducted for English language articles describing the incidence and treatment of seizures after aneurysmal subarachnoid(More)
The utility of an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay to determine the sensitization against the trematode Fasciola hepatica in horses from an endemic area (NW Spain) was assessed. Blood samples were collected from 536 horses and tested against a 2.9-kDa recombinant surface protein (FhrAPS) to estimate the presence of IgG antibodies. Data were analysed(More)
We construct an infinite family {C a,b } a,b∈Q of curves of genus 2 defined over Q, with two independent morphisms to a family of elliptic curves {E a,b } a,b∈Q. When any of these elliptic curves E a,b has rank 1 over Q, we obtain (modulo a conjecture of S. Lang, proved for special cases) a uniform bound for the number of rational points of the curve C a,b(More)
Aplicación de técnicas avanzadas de neuroimágenes en rehabilitación motora Introduction: Functional magnetic resonance imaging is a noninvasive technique that allows mapping and visualizing of brain connectivity networks. The hemiparesis after a stroke is a good biological model to study changes in brain connectivity. This model can be expanded if(More)
—Recent work has shown that resonate-and-fire model is both computationally efficient and suitable for large network simulations. In this paper, we examine the estimation problem of a resonate-and-fire model with random threshold. The model parameters are divided into two sets. The first set is associated with subthreshold behavior and can be optimized by a(More)