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AIM The aim of this study was to test the null hypothesis that sodium hypochlorite irrigation of root canals does not alter the properties of dentine and contribute to the weakening of root-treated teeth. METHODOLOGY The effect of two concentrations (0.5%, 5.25%) of sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) and saline on (i) the elastic modulus and flexural strength of(More)
The stability of oil droplets in complex nutritional admixtures is known to be affected by the presence of amino acids, dextrose and electrolytes. Hospital Pharmacists unable to meet demands for TPN admixtures sometimes turn to specialised commercial units but the supply of lipid admixtures by any facility remote from the user raises further challenges to(More)
Objective: The purpose of this study was to find out whether the simple reaction time was faster for auditory or visual stimulus and the factors responsible for improving the performance of the athlete. Methodology: 14 subjects were assigned randomly into groups consisting of 2 members. Both the members from each group performed both the visual and auditory(More)
The Thirty Meter Telescope primary mirror is composed of 492 segments that are controlled to high precision in the presence of wind and vibration disturbances, despite the interaction with structural dynamics. The higher bandwidth and larger number of segments compared with the Keck telescopes requires greater attention to modeling to ensure success. We(More)
Extremely large optical telescopes are being designed with primary mirrors composed of hundreds of segments. The "out-of-plane" piston, tip, and tilt degrees of freedom of each segment are actively controlled using feedback from relative height measurements between neighboring segments. The "in-plane" segment translations and clocking (rotation) are not(More)
The effect of compression and tensile forces on different types of maxillofacial miniplates was measured, in both as supplied and after bending states. Tests showed all plates showed values of tensile force at failure in excess of that found in most clinical situations; twisting through 90 degrees about the long axis had little effect. In flatwise bending(More)
Low-loss (1.4-cm(-1)) single-mode rib waveguides in Al(x)Ga(1-x)As heterostructures are fabricated by liquid phase epitaxy, double anodization, and photolithographic techniques. Switching of optical channels between adjacent waveguides is accomplished with directional coupler switches controlled with electrodes laid over an isolating dielectric, making a(More)
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