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Emergency management tasks are inherently complex and dynamic, requiring quick knowledge sharing and decision coordination among multiple organizations across different levels and locations. However, there is a general lack of understanding about how to describe and assess the complex and dynamic nature of emergency management tasks and how knowledge(More)
Non-invasive prenatal testing is increasingly available worldwide and stakeholder viewpoints are essential to guide implementation. Here we compare the preferences of women and health professionals from nine different countries towards attributes of non-invasive and invasive prenatal tests for Down syndrome. A discrete choice experiment was used to obtain(More)
Each disaster presents itself with a unique set of characteristics that are hard to determine a priori. Using combinations of qualitative and quantitative methods, we develop the dimensions and their corresponding measures of the dynamic characteristics of disaster management tasks and test the relationships between the various dimensions of task(More)
In the globalized world, companies seek for new operations strategies to ensure world corporate success. This article analyzes how the cost management models – both traditional and activitybased -, aid the planning and management of corporate globalized operations. The efficacy of the models application depends on their alignment with the competitive(More)
This research encompasses the capital Aracaju, Sergipe, and its surroundings health districts. It was dealt from October to December 2002 with 216 pregnant adolescents assisted by the Strategy of the Family Health Program. Its main goal is to raise and identify the social-demographic and the gynecological profile of those young ladies, by identifying the(More)
While there has been a rich body of literature on knowledge management, little research has been<lb>reported that defines the dimensions and operationalization of the complexity of knowledge management tasks.<lb>Based on literature reviews and field study observations, we conceptualize knowledge management task<lb>complexity as consisting of six dimensions:(More)
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