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This report addresses the problem of achieving fault tolerant cooperation within small-to medium-sized teams of heterogeneous mobile robots. I describe a software architecture I have d e v eloped, called ALLIANCE, that facilitates robust, fault tolerant cooperative control, and examine numerous issues in cooperative team design. ALLIANCE is a fully(More)
This thesis addresses the problem of visual recognition under two sources of variability: geometric and photometric. The geometric deals with the relation between 3D objects and their views under parallel, perspective, and central projection. The photometric deals with the relation between 3D matte objects and their images under changing illumination(More)
  • Kah-Kay Sung, Kah Kay, Sung, Thesis Supervisor, Tomaso A Poggio, Title Uncas +35 others
  • 1998
This thesis presents a learning based approach for detecting classes of objects and patterns with variable image appearance but highly predictable image boundaries. It consists of two parts. In part one, we i n troduce our object and pattern detection approach using a concrete human face detection example. The approach rst builds a distribution-based model(More)
This thesis describes a representation of gait appearance for the purpose of person identification and classification. This gait representation is based on simple localized image features such as moments extracted from orthogonal view video silhouettes of human walking motion. A suite of time-integration methods, spanning a range of coarseness of time(More)
  • Paul A Viola, Tomas Lozano-Perez, G Christopher, Atkeson, L W Eric, Grimson +17 others
  • 1995
A n ew information-theoretic approach is presented for nding t he p o s e o f a n o b j e c t i n a n i m age. The t echnique does not require information about t he surface properties of the object, besides its shape, and is robust with respect to v ariations of illumination. In our derivation, few assumptions are made a bout t he n atu r e o f t he i m(More)
Future cockpits will likely include new onboard technologies, such as cockpit displays of traffic information, to help support future flight deck roles and responsibilities. These new technologies may benefit from multimodal feedback to aid pilot information processing. The current study investigated the effects of multiple levels of force feedback on(More)
Wheat stem rust, caused by Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici, is a major wheat disease which is mainly controlled through the release of resistant cultivars containing one or several resistance genes. Considerable effort has been put into the discovery of new resistance genes, but knowledge of their mechanisms of action is often lacking. In this study, the(More)