Jose Requejo-Isidro

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Optical imaging of tissue autofluorescence has the potential to provide rapid label-free screening and detection of surface tumors for clinical applications, including when combined with endoscopy. Quantitative imaging of intensity-based contrast is notoriously difficult and spectrally resolved imaging does not always provide sufficient contrast. We(More)
Multidimensional fluorescence imaging is a powerful molecular imaging modality that is emerging as an important tool in the study of biological tissues. Due to the large volume of multi-spectral data associated with the technique, it is often difficult to find the best combination of parameters to maximize the contrast between different tissue types. This(More)
Acanthamoeba keratitis is a serious pathogenic corneal disease, with challenging diagnosis. Standard diagnostic methods include corneal biopsy (involving cell culture) and in vivo reflection corneal microscopy (in which the visualization of the pathogen is challenged by the presence of multiple reflectance corneal structures). We present a new imaging(More)
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