Jose Rafael Sierra

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Understanding the neurobiological processes that contribute to the establishment and expression of stress-induced regulation of cocaine use in addicted individuals is important for the development of new and better treatment approaches. It has been previously shown that rats self-administering cocaine under long-access conditions (6 h daily) display(More)
Increased evidence suggests that cancer-associated inflammation supports tumor growth and progression. We have previously shown that semaphorin 4D (Sema4D), a ligand produced by different cell types, is a proangiogenic molecule that acts by binding to its receptor, plexin B1, expressed on endothelial cells (Conrotto, P., D. Valdembri, S. Corso, G. Serini,(More)
  • Jim Anderson, Alex Baker, Philips, David Bartine, Rich Beaupre, Ge +37 others
  • 2014
whose reliability testing work contributed significantly to the knowledge base for this document. We are grateful to the current and former members of the LED Systems Reliability Consortium, who offered their considerable time and expertise over the past three years to the development of this document.
Rat fetal adrenal cortex ultrastructure was studied in fetuses of 20 days of gestation coming from control (C) pregnant rats and from mothers undergoing two experimental conditions: maternal bilateral adrenalectomy on day 1 of gestation (ADX) and maternal bilateral adrenalectomy plus posterior dexamethasone administration the days 15, 16 and 17 of gestation(More)
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