Jose R. Sanchez

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A method for improving the contrast resolution of B-mode images is proposed by combining the speckle-reduction technique of frequency compounding (FC) and the coded excitation and pulse-compression technique called resolution enhancement compression (REC). FC suppresses speckle but at the expense of a reduction in axial resolution. Using REC, the axial(More)
Quantitative ultrasound (QUS) imaging techniques based on ultrasonic backscatter have been used successfully to diagnose and monitor disease. A method for improving the contrast and axial resolution of QUS parametric images by using the resolution enhancement compression (REC) technique is proposed. Resolution enhancement compression is a coded excitation(More)
—A technique for improvement of ultrasonic B-mode imaging that uses coded excitation, pulse compression, and frequency compounding was developed. A coded excitation and pulse compression technique known as resolution enhancement compression (REC) was used to enhance the bandwidth of an imaging system by a factor of two. This bandwidth was subdivided into(More)
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