Jose R. Medina

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The antispasmodic activity of extracts from the aerial parts of Buddleja scordioides and Buddleja perfoliata (family: Scrophulariaceae) was studied on isolated tissue preparations from rabbit and guinea pig intestine. The chloroformic extract from the plants exhibited a significant relaxation on the spontaneous contraction of isolated rabbit jejunum at(More)
Two hundred thirty cases of malignant non-Hodgkin's lymphomas were reclassified in a retrospective study according to the New Working Formulation for Clinical Usage of the NCI as compared to the Rappaport and Kiel classifications. The reproducibility for the individual schemes this study was 81% (Rappaport), 79% (Kiel), and 85% (New Working Formulation). In(More)
The present study reports of the geographic distribution of 2,878 cases of uniformly classified malignant lymphomas and of 2,349 similar cases from the literature. Data on histological entities are compared with the geographic and socio-economic characteristics of the regions where they preferentially occur. The results provide three patterns in lymphoma(More)
In order to study the release characteristics of ketoprofen suppositories under the hydrodynamic environment generated by USP Apparatus 1 and 4, the dissolution profiles of the Mexican reference product (100 mg) were determined. Phosphate buffer pH 8 and 1% sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) aqueous solutions were proved as dissolution mediums. Baskets were(More)
The problem of acquiring multiple tasks from demonstration is typically divided in two sequential processes: (1) the segmentation or identification of different subgoals/subtasks and (2) a separate learning process that parameterizes a control policy for each subtask. As a result, segmentation criteria typically neglect the characteristics of control(More)
We reviewed 28 patients with idiopathic scoliosis operated on using the segmental sublaminar instrumentation devised by Lea Plaza. The results at 2 years show that the spine is rebalanced and normal alignment in the sagittal plane is obtained. The biplanar correction of double curves averaged 64% with a loss of 10% at 2 years. The upper and lower limits of(More)
Immediate hemodynamic improvement in patients with complete heart block occurs when the ventricular rate is increased by electrical pacing. During pacing, there is reduction in the pulmonary artery wedge, right atrial, and left and right ventricular filling pressures. The mean rate of ejection, stroke volume, and stroke work decreased following pacing,(More)