Jose Peral-Gutierrez de Ceballos

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This article deals with injuries to the celiac trunk, superior and inferior mesenteric arterial injuires. Surgical approaches and physiological implications of interruption of the mesenteric arterial circulation are addressed in detail. Surgical techniques for the management of these injuries and the need for second look operations are also examined.
At 07:39 on 11 March 2004, 10 terrorist bomb explosions occurred almost simultaneously in four commuter trains in Madrid, Spain, killing 177 people instantly and injuring more than 2000. There were 14 subsequent in-hospital deaths, bringing the ultimate death toll to 191. This report describes the organization of clinical management and patterns of injuries(More)
valuable guidance throughout my graduate study. His criticism and advice made me grow not only as an engineer, but as a person. I would also like to thank the members of my thesis committee for their helpful feedback. Thanks to Gil-Cho Ahn for his insights and helpful comments on a wide range of subjects in the analog field. Thanks to Dong-Young Chang for(More)
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS During the course of my graduate study over the past two years at Oregon State University, several people have inspired and influenced my life. While the list of my well-wishers and benefactors runs long, I hope to express my acknowledgement to all those whose help and support this thesis was the result of. First and foremost, I wish to(More)
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