Jose Padial

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—This paper describes the vision-based control of a small autonomous aircraft following a road. The computer vision system detects natural features of the scene and tracks the roadway in order to determine relative yaw and lateral displacement between the aircraft and the road. Using only the vision measurements and onboard inertial sensors, a control(More)
— Common visual servoing methods use image features to define a signal error in the feedback loops of robot motion controllers. This paper suggests a new visual servo control scheme that uses an on-line trajectory generator as an intermediate layer between image processing algorithms and robot motion controllers. The motion generation algorithm is capable(More)
—A vision-based system for detecting and classifying moving obstacles in a cluttered environment using a single camera mounted on a small unmanned aerial vehicle is presented. Feature correspondences between successive image frames are found using the SIFT algorithm, and a model of the background motion is generated by Random Sample Consensus (RANSAC). The(More)
Description: The primary motivation for this project lies in enabling unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) BLOCKIN BLOCKIN to BLOCKIN BLOCKIN detect BLOCKIN BLOCKIN and BLOCKIN BLOCKIN avoid BLOCKIN BLOCKIN other BLOCKIN BLOCKIN aircraft BLOCKIN BLOCKIN without BLOCKIN BLOCKIN the BLOCKIN BLOCKIN aid BLOCKIN BLOCKIN of BLOCKIN BLOCKIN expensive BLOCKIN BLOCKIN(More)
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