Jose Nelson Perez Castillo

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The functional outcome after stroke is unpredictable; it is not accurately predicted by clinical pictures upon hospital admission. The presence of apoptotic neurons in the ischemic penumbra and perihematoma area may account for poor prognosis, but whether the highly variable stroke outcome reflects differences in genetic susceptibility to apoptosis is(More)
This article is about the assessment of several tools for k-mer counting, with the purpose to create a reference framework for bioinformatics researchers to identify computational requirements, parallelizing, advantages, disadvantages, and bottlenecks of each of the algorithms proposed in the tools. The k-mer counters evaluated in this article were(More)
Functional annotation represents a means to investigate and classify genes and transcripts according to their function within a given organism. The annotation process for unknown sequences involves the use and integration of various tools that deal with the following tasks: local-alignment search for comparing unknown sequences with known-sequence databases(More)
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