Jose Miguel Luque-Raigon

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Herein we show experimental evidence of resonant photocurrent generation in dye-sensitized periodically nanostructured photoconductors, which is achieved by spectral matching of the sensitizer absorption band to different types of localized photon modes present in either periodic or broken symmetry structures. Results are explained in terms of the(More)
We design a fully stable numerical solution of the Maxwell ́s equations with the Transfer Matrix Method (TMM) to understand the interaction between an electromagnetic field and a finite, one-dimensional, nonperiodic structure. Such an exact solution can be tailored from a conventional solution by choosing an adequate transformation between its reference(More)
This paper discusses the numerical exponential instability of the transfer matrix method (TMM) in the framework of the symmetry formalism. This numerical weakness is attributed to a series of increasingly extreme exponentials that appear in the TMM when it is applied to geometries involving total internal reflection (TIR) or very high absorption. We design(More)
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