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Participants evaluated other individuals who deviated in either an anti- or pro-normative direction relative to normative members. In Study 1, in-group gender-normative members were rated more positively than deviant members. The pro-norm deviant was viewed as more attractive than the anti-norm deviant. In Study 2 anti-norm in-group deviants were evaluated(More)
It is a well known quandry that when countries open their financial sectors, foreign-owned banks appear to bring superior efficiency to their host markets but also charge higher markups on borrowed funds than their domestically owned rivals, with unknown impacts on interest rates and welfare. Using heterogeneous, imperfectly competitive lenders, the model(More)
The authors predicted that derogation of group deviants depends on the extent to which in-group norms or values are validated or undermined in a social context. In Experiment 1 participants were less tolerant and derogated in-group deviants more when other in-group members opposed the norm. In Experiment 2 participants derogated in-group deviants more than(More)
In 3 experiments, participants (Ns = 50, 95, and 75, respectively) judged 2 ingroup or outgroup members who occupied 1 of 3 statuses--new members, full members, or marginal members. In each case, 1 of these members adopted a normative position and another supported a deviant position regarding a relevant issue. Participants upgraded normative ingroup full(More)
In this paper we briefly present some solution strategies for situations in which it is necessary to transform multiple inheritance schemes into single inheritance or non-inheritance " equivalent " schemes. The strategies are divided into basic strategies and combined strategies. The mechanisms presented are comparatively analyzed in the light of some ideal(More)
and an anonymous referee, and the participants in the Seminar at the Bank of Spain. The opinions and analyses in the paper are the responsibility of the authors and, therefore, do not necessarily coincide with those of the Banco de España or the Eurosystem. Documentos de Trabajo. N.º 0416 2004 The Working Paper Series seeks to disseminate original research(More)
One of the most important issues in the development of software product lines is the elicitation, management, and representation of the variability. In this context, feature models are the basic instrument to analyze and configure the variability and communality of the product line. But a feature model can be considered as an amalgamation of various(More)