Jose Maria P. Balmaceda

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—We consider a symmetric system of delay differential equations arising from a model of two mutually delay-coupled semiconductor lasers. The system is described using the Lang-Kobayashi rate equations whose basic solutions are called compound laser modes (CLMs). We employ a group-theoretic approach to find solutions and to identify symmetry-breaking(More)
There is uncertainty over whether the steady decline in human fertility with increasing maternal age is due to quality of the oocyte or of the endometrium. To clarify the issue age-related implantation and pregnancy rates in two embryo-transfer programmes were examined in relation to embryo quality and type of menstrual cycle. In both the UK and the US(More)
We have reviewed the properties of luteinizing hormone/human chorionic gonadotropic (LH/hCG)-sensitive adenylyl cyclase (AC) of human corpus luteum (CL) and its regulation by several hormones and nonhormonal activators. We have also described the changes in enzyme activity in membrane preparations of human and cynomolgus monkey CL obtained at various stages(More)
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