Jose Maria Molina Garcia Pardo

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Simulations are currently an essential tool to develop and test wireless sensor networks (WSNs) protocols and to analyze future WSNs applications performance. Researchers often simulate their proposals rather than deploying high-cost test-beds or develop complex mathematical analysis. However, simulation results rely on physical layer assumptions, which are(More)
This paper first presents an application of the modal theory for interpreting experimental results of the electromagnetic field variation along a tunnel. The transmitting frequency is assumed to be high enough so that the tunnel behaves as an oversized waveguide. Then, for a Multiple-Input Multiple-Output channel, theoretical results of the channel capacity(More)
Polarization diversity has already been considered for implementing a MIMO link in an indoor environment. However, the propagation characteristics play a leading role in the improvement of the channel performance. The objective of this paper is thus to study the possible application of this kind of diversity in a road or railway tunnel. Extensive(More)
The main goal for security and emergency networks is to ensure that voice and data services are available under some strict quality and coverage criteria. This kind of services must meet several requirements in order to provide a good performance, such as backward compatibility with pre-existent services, priority management, secure voice and data(More)