Jose Maria Maestre

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— In this paper a distributed version of the Kalman filter is proposed. In particular, the estimation problem is reduced to the optimization of a cost function that depends on the system dynamics and the latest output measurements and state estimates which is distributed among the agents by means of dual decomposition. The techniques presented in the paper(More)
— In this work, we propose to expand the application of model predictive control (MPC) to problems in which there are human agents involved in the sensing and actuation processes. To this end, a new configuration of a control system structure that combines centralized predictive control and local operations is presented. Additional constraints are included(More)
— This work solves a model-free resource allocation problem with two objectives. These objectives represent both cooperation and competition directions. It is proposed a solution that combines a centralized cooperative game approach using the Shapley value to determine a proper partitioning of the system, and a decentralized non-cooperative game approach(More)