Jose Maria Lopez-Villegas

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A new design methodology for radiofrequency circuits is presented that includes electromagnetic (EM) simulation of the inductors into the optimization flow. This is achieved by previously generating the Pareto-optimal front (POF) of the inductors using EM simulation. Inductors are selected from the Pareto front and their S-parameter matrix is included in(More)
A frequency-dependent compact model for inductors in high ohmic substrates, which is based on an energy point-of-view, is developed. This approach enables the description of the most important coupling phenomena that take place inside the device. Magnetically induced losses are quite accurately calculated and coupling between electric and magnetic fields is(More)
This work is aimed to compare the performance of toroidal inductors and planar spiral inductors in multi-layered technologies. Toroidal inductors are investigated theoretically, and closed formula is derived for the inductance as a function of geometrical parameters. The obtained model is validated by experimental results and EM simulation. From the(More)
We present an alternative coherent demodulation of frequency shift keying (FSK) signals based on the use of a super harmonic injection locked oscillator (ILO). Demodulation consists of multiplying the incoming FSK signal by the output of the ILO using an up-conversion mixer. The product includes a second harmonic signal that locks the oscillator, closing a(More)
PURPOSE Currently available hyperthermia technology is not well suited to treating cancer malignancies in the intact breast. This study investigates a microwave applicator incorporating multiple patch antennas, with the goal of facilitating controllable power deposition profiles for treating lesions at diverse locations within the intact breast. MATERIALS(More)
This paper is aimed to compare the performance of toroidal inductors and planar spiral inductors in multilayered technologies, in terms of achievable inductance density. The optimization of planar toroidal inductors in multilayered substrates is investigated theoretically, and closed formulae are derived for their inductances as a function of geometrical(More)
A systematic method to improve the quality ( ) factor of RF integrated inductors is presented in this paper. The proposed method is based on the layout optimization to minimize the series resistance of the inductor coil, taking into account both ohmic losses, due to conduction currents, and magnetically induced losses, due to Eddy currents. The technique is(More)
This work is aimed to demonstrate the potential of Inkjet printing combined with electroless growth to implement high performance RF inductors on standard low temperature co-fired ceramic substrates. Enhanced customization and tuning are the main advantage of this technological combination in front of standard low temperature co-fired ceramic technology.(More)
In this paper, a new methodology for the automated generation of the optimal performance trade-offs of integrated inductors is presented. The methodology combines a multiobjective optimization algorithm with electromagnetic simulation to get highly accurate results. A set of sized inductors is obtained showing the best performance trade-offs for a given(More)
The aim of this paper is the development of two different analytical Green's functions for the modeling of the substrate electrical coupling in integrated circuits. The first procedure solves directly the Poisson's equation of the substrate as a two-layer problem using the adequate boundary conditions. An accurate and stable expression is obtained which is(More)