Jose-Maria Gutierrez-Martinez

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Street lighting has a big impact on the energy consumption of Spanish municipalities. To decrease this consumption, the Spanish government has developed two different regulations to improve energy savings and efficiency, and consequently, reduce greenhouse-effect gas emissions. However, after these efforts, they have not obtained the expected results. To(More)
A significant decrease in water consumption has been achieved in recent years thanks to different campaigns run by different institutions in Spain. However, most citizens do not have a very clear idea about whether or not they are efficiently using water. To solve this situation, this paper aims is to develop two water labels in order to improve the current(More)
The objective of this paper is to describe a developed model and its corresponding application, known as System to Evaluate the Water Consumption at Home (SEWAT). The aim is to create a new model to evaluate the efficiency of water consumption. Thanks to the input of the water bills by users, the model allows them to check if water consumption is efficient,(More)
Range of motion of the joint of the hand is necessary to do a quantitative functional evaluation. Mechanical goniometry is the typical procedure to measure finger joints, but this method has several problems ; instrument, subjective examiner-dependent, tedious and high time consuming. In this paper, we present the design of a 2D-images prototype video-based(More)
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