Jose María Pino

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STUDY OBJECTIVE To examine if the perception of dyspnea during normal pregnancy may be related to an inappropriate ventilatory response to the increased metabolic rate, due to a higher chemosensitivity. PATIENTS AND INTERVENTIONS At weeks 12, 24, and 36 of gestation and 4 months after delivery, 11 healthy pregnant women with dyspnea and 12 asymptomatic(More)
AIMS To evaluate cardiac response to exercise in middle-aged normotensive obstructive sleep apnoea-hypoapnoea syndrome (OSAHS) adults with normal resting left ventricular systolic function and to test the hypothesis that nasal continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy might improve cardiac performance during exercise. METHODS AND RESULTS We(More)
The aim of the present study was to examine the relationships between the responses to progressive isocapnic hypoxia and hypoxic withdrawal test in patients with obstructive sleep apnoea-hypopnoea syndrome (OSAHS) and to analyse the determinants of carotid body sensitivity in OSAHS. Nineteen consecutive OSAHS patients and 13 healthy subjects were selected.(More)
Whether the growth of the lungs in acromegaly is due to alveolar hypertrophy or alveolar hyperplasia is a subject of debate. To discriminate these hypotheses, we compared pulmonary distensibility and diffusing capacity among 11 patients with active acromegaly and 11 matched control subjects, evaluating the response of pulmonary distensibility and diffusing(More)
OBJECTIVE Our goal was to assess the usefulness of spirometry to estimate the risk of pneumothorax in patients undergoing percutaneous needle biopsy with CT guidance for solitary pulmonary nodule (SPN). MATERIALS AND METHODS We studied the results of 51 consecutive percutaneous needle biopsies with CT guidance for SPN obtained between 1988 and 1990.(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVES To examine the central inspiratory drive response to hypoxia in patients with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), according to their circadian BP profile, and in healthy control subjects. Another objective was to evaluate the relationships among sleep architecture, hypoxic sensitivity, urinary catecholamine excretion, and BP in OSA patients. (More)
STUDY OBJECTIVES To compare the frequency of daytime and nocturnal cardiac arrhythmias and ST-segment depression episodes among patients with obstructive sleep apnea-hypopnea syndrome (OSAHS), snoring subjects, and healthy subjects, and to analyze the relationship between the cardiac disturbances, sleep characteristics, and sympathetic tone in patients with(More)
This study analyses the evolution of the bibliometric indicators of productivity and repercussion of European Union (EU) research into the respiratory system during the period from 1987-1998, describing the geographical distribution. Using MedLine, a selection was made of those articles by EU authors published between 1987-1998 in 38 respiratory system(More)
The study objectives were to analyze the changes in exhaled carbon monoxide (COex) induced by histamine provocation challenge in asthmatic patients and to evaluate the relationship between COex and airway sensitivity and reactivity. Levels of COex were measured in 105 nonsmoking mildly asthmatic subjects before and after histamine provocation challenge.(More)
RATIONALE In elderly subjects, static lung volumes are interpreted using prediction equations derived from primarily younger adult populations. OBJECTIVES To provide reference equations for static lung volumes for European adults 65 to 85 years of age and to compare the predicted values of this sample with those from other studies including middle-aged(More)