Jose Manuel de la Rosa

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The Candida albicans cell wall is the immediate point of contact with the host and is implicated in the host-fungal interaction and virulence. To date, a number of cell wall proteins have been identified and associated with virulence. Analysis of the C. albicans genome has identified the IFF gene family as encoding the largest family of cell wall-related(More)
Obesity and diabetes are associated with increased breast cancer risk and worse disease progression once cancer is diagnosed; however, the exact etiology behind these observations remains to be fully elucidated. Due to the global obesity/diabetes pandemic, it is imperative to understand how these diseases promote and enhance breast cancer and other common(More)
• Know and apply the principles of adult learning • Describe methods of matching teaching to learning style • Describe interaction of the learner, the teacher, the climate, and the content • Know at least three characteristics of the ideal learner, teacher, climate, and content and be able to evaluate a teaching situation for these characteristics Teacher(More)
This paper overviews diverse CAD tools for the study of nanoelectronics in both research and education, putting emphasis on circuits made up of carbon-based field-effect transistors, namely carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and graphene. Some tools available in are outlined and compared with other traditional/conventional methods which are based on(More)
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