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Nitrate assimilation has received much attention in filamentous fungi and plants but not so much in yeasts. Recently the availability of classical genetic and molecular biology tools for the yeast Hansenula polymorpha has allowed the advance of the study of this metabolic pathway in yeasts. The genes YNT1, YNR1 and YNI1, encoding respectively nitrate(More)
The genes encoding the nitrate transporter (YNT1), nitrite reductase (YNI1) and nitrate reductase (YNR1) are clustered in the yeast Hansenula polymorpha. In addition, DNA sequencing of the region containing these genes demonstrated that a new open reading frame called YNA1 (yeast nitrate assimilation) was located between YNR1 and YNI1. The YNA1 gene encodes(More)
Previous evidence based on the experience of our laboratory showed that one-step gene disruption in the yeast Hansenula polymorpha is not straightforward. A systematic study of several factors which could affect gene disruption frequency was carried out. We found that the more critical factor affecting one-step gene disruption in H. polymorpha is the length(More)
The nitrate reductase gene (YNR1) from the yeast H. polymorpha was isolated from a lambda EMBL3 genomic DNA library. As probe a 350 bp DNA fragment synthesized by PCR from H. polymorpha cDNA was used. By DNA sequencing an ORF of 2,577 bp was found. The predicted protein has 859 amino acids and presents high identity with nitrate reductases from other(More)
A single Hansenula anomala genomic DNA fragment containing the genes H.a.YNR1 (yeast nitrate reductase) and H.a.YNI1 (yeast nitrite reductase) encoding nitrate and nitrite reductase, respectively, was isolated from a lambda EMBL3 genomic DNA library. As probe, a 3.2 kb DNA fragment isolated from a lambda gt11 H. anomala genomic DNA library screened with(More)
Hansenula polymorpha mutants disrupted in the high-affinity nitrate transporter gene (YNT1) are still able to grow in nitrate. To detect the nitrate transporter(s) responsible for this growth a strain containing disruption of the nitrate assimilation gene cluster and expressing nitrate reductase gene (YNR1) under the control of H. polymorpha MOX1 (methanol(More)
Ynt1 is the sole high affinity nitrate transporter of the yeast Hansenula polymorpha. It is highly regulated by the nitrogen source, by being down-regulated in response to glutamine by repression of the YNT1 gene and Ynt1 ubiquitinylation, endocytosis, and vacuolar degradation. On the contrary, we show that nitrogen limitation stabilizes Ynt1 levels at the(More)
The nitrite reductase-encoding gene (YNI1) from the yeast Hansenula polymorpha was isolated from a lambda EMBL3 H. polymorpha genomic DNA library, using as a probe a 481 bp DNA fragment from the gene of Aspergillus nidulans encoding nitrite reductase (niiA). An open reading frame of 3132 bp, encoding a putative protein of 1044 amino acids with high(More)
A novel peroxidase that catalyses the dimerization of ferulic acid or caffeic acid via oxidative coupling and formation of beta beta'-linkage to the lignan-type compounds 8,8'-bis(caffeic acid) or 8,8'-bis(ferulic acid) respectively was purified from the leaves of Bupleurum salicifolium. The enzyme, for which the name caffeate peroxidase is proposed, was(More)
An integrative expression vector based on promoter and terminator transcriptional sequences from the Hansenula polymorpha nitrate reductase gene (YNR1) has been developed to express nitrate assimilation plant genes in the nitrate assimilatory yeast H. polymorpha. Using this vector a plant nitrate reductase cDNA (tobacco Nia2) was expressed for the first(More)