Jose Manuel Corera

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ARCHONTM (ARchitecture for Cooperative Heterogeneous ON-line systems) was Europe’s largest ever project in the area of Distributed Artificial Intelligence (DAI). It devised a general-purpose architecture, software framework, and methodology which has been used to support the development of DAI systems in a number of real world industrial domains. Two of(More)
members. The interactions typically involve agents cooperating and communicating with one another in order to enhance their individual problem solving and to better solve the overall application problem. Each agent consists of an ARCHON Layer (AL) and an application program (known as an Intelligent System (IS)). Purpose-built ISs can make use of the ARCHON(More)
tors and controls the cycle of generating, transporting, and distributing electrical energy to industrial and domestic customers. Generation transforms raw energy (for example, hydraulic, thermal, nuclear, and solar energy) into a more accessible form. Ideally, the consumption sites would be near these generation sites. However, various economic, social,(More)
Computer-based systems are being used to tackle increasingly complex problems in ever more demanding domains. The size and amount of knowledge needed by such systems means they are becoming unwieldy and difficult to engineer into reliable, consistent products. One paradigm for overcoming this barrier is to decompose the problem into smaller more manageable(More)
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