Jose-M Santos

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The authors report a case of primary idiopathic chylopericardium in a previously healthy 2-month-old infant. He was treated with continuous pericardial drainage and low-fat total parenteral nutrition. He remains asymptomatic after 14 months of follow-up. This is the first report of primary idiopathic chylopericardium successfully treated nonoperatively.
INTRODUCTION AND CLINICAL CASE We present the case of a ten day old boy with cervicodorsal intramedullary lipoma. The initial clinical presentation was of rapidly progressing unilateral brachial paralysis. Neurological examination at birth was completely normal apart from a cutaneous port wine stain on the shoulder homolateral to the paralysis thought to be(More)
AIM To compare the response to skin prick tests (SPTs) to food antigens (FAs) and inhalant allergens (IAs) in patients with two subtypes of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and healthy controls. METHODS We compared the results of SPTs for IAs and FAs in 87 volunteers divided into three groups: diarrhea predominant IBS (D-IBS) Group I (n = 19), constipation(More)
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