Jose M. R. Delgado

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We have measured the levels of monoamines and their metabolites in rat striata implanted with a dialysis tube, in contralateral nonimplanted striata, and in dialysates obtained from the dialysis tube. The perfusion was done with Ringer solution. The animals were perfused either for a continuous period of 7 h at 1 day after implantation or for periods of 2 h(More)
A hybrid stimulator is described which combines constant current and constant voltage characteristics. Pulses are delivered with high output impedance to assure the passage of a predetermined amount of current. During the quiescent periods between pulses, the output changes to low impedance, diminishing the post-pulse charge. Electrode erosion and tissue(More)
Anesthesia and restraint of the animal subject are the two main factors which may modify responses evoked by stimulation of the brain. However, much of the information concerning brain physiology is of necessity based upon experiments performed under one or both of these limiting circumstances. The techniques developed thus far for the study of brain(More)
Methods to investigate the in vivo effects and release of neuroactive substances include cortical cups, push-pull cannulae, chemitrodes, and dialytrodes. Critical evaluation of these procedures is necessary in order to interpret related results and to select the most suitable devices for further studies. Recent improvements in the dialytrode include(More)
Cerebral blood flow, heart rate, arterial blood pressure, and behavior were studied in conscious goats during electrical stimulation of the diencephalon and mesencephalon. Stimulation of the subthalamic area produced a considerable increase in ipsilateral cerebral blood flow and heart rate, accompanied by either a small or a large increase in systemic(More)
The effects of a synthetically obtained mixture of amino acids (FACE) were investigated on the trophic and neurosecretory activity of in vitro cultures of fetal rat neuronal cells. The addition of 10(-6) M FACE to the culture medium significantly increased cell DNA content. Secretions of IR-SRIF, IR-VIP, and IR-GRF were also augmented in different(More)