Jose M. Cruz

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In this paper, we develop a dynamic framework for the modeling and analysis of supply chain networks with corporate social responsibility through integrated environmental decision-making. Through a multilevel supply chain network, we model the multicriteria decision-making behavior of the various decision-makers (manufacturers, retailers, and consumers),(More)
In this paper, we focus on the financial engineering of integrated global supply chain networks and social networks. Through a multilevel, dynamic supernetwork framework consisting of the global supply chain network with electronic commerce and the social network, we capture the multicriteria decision-making behavior of the various decision-makers(More)
The focus of this paper is to provide an analytical framework which can be used to investigate how financial risks affect the values of interconnected supply chain firms from a network perspective, and how financial risks affect the supply chain firms' profitability as well as the cash and credit transactions. In particular, we develop a variational(More)
Peer Reviewed Publications " Criminals, cops, and politicians: Dynamics of drug violence in Colombia and Mexico " (book manuscript under review with Oxford University Press) " To Kill and Tell? State power, criminal competition, and drug violence " (R&R in Journal of Conflict Resolution) " Drugs around the corner: Domestic drug markets and violence in(More)