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In this paper, we develop a dynamic framework for the modeling and analysis of supply chain networks with corporate social responsibility through integrated environmental decision-making. Through a multilevel supply chain network, we model the multicriteria decision-making behavior of the various decision-makers (manufacturers, retailers, and consumers),(More)
In this paper, we focus on the financial engineering of integrated global supply chain networks and social networks. Through a multilevel, dynamic supernetwork framework consisting of the global supply chain network with electronic commerce and the social network, we capture the multicriteria decision-making behavior of the various decision-makers(More)
Peer Reviewed Publications " Criminals, cops, and politicians: Dynamics of drug violence in Colombia and Mexico " (book manuscript under review with Oxford University Press) " To Kill and Tell? State power, criminal competition, and drug violence " (R&R in Journal of Conflict Resolution) " Drugs around the corner: Domestic drug markets and violence in(More)
The focus of this paper is to provide an analytical framework which can be used to investigate how financial risks affect the values of interconnected supply chain firms from a network perspective, and how financial risks affect the supply chain firms' profitability as well as the cash and credit transactions. In particular, we develop a variational(More)