Jose Luis Ramirez Reyes

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BACKGROUND A class of eukaryotic non-coding RNAs termed microRNAs (miRNAs) interact with target mRNAs by sequence complementarity to regulate their expression. The low abundance of some miRNAs and their time- and tissue-specific expression patterns make experimental miRNA identification difficult. We present here a computational method for genome-wide(More)
Water is an essential element for living organisms, such that various responses have evolved to withstand water deficit in all living species. The study of these responses in plants has had particular relevance given the negative impact of water scarcity on agriculture. Among the molecules highly associated with plant responses to water limitation are the(More)
Nucleotide sequences of 18S ribosomal RNA from 71 species of Platyhelminthes, the flatworms, were analyzed using maximum likelihood, and the resulting phylogenetic trees were compared with previous phylogenetic hypotheses. Analyses including 15 outgroup species belonging to eight other phyla show that Platyhelminthes are monophyletic with the exception of a(More)
—The degradation of metallic materials due to the environment is a matter of strategic interest, because it is considered the number one enemy of the national infrastructure. For the Mexican industry is essential to know the degree of environmental corrosion in situ to take preventive action in order to extend the lifetime of the facilities, consider the(More)
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