Jose-Luis Nunes

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The coexistence of wild boars and domestic pigs across Eurasia makes it feasible to conduct comparative genetic or genomic analyses for addressing how genetically different a domestic species is from its wild ancestor. To test whether there are differences in patterns of genetic variability between wild and domestic pigs at immunity-related genes and to(More)
The influence of parameter choice in the Monte Carlo simulation of zero-field-cooled-field-cooled magnetization curves of granular systems is analyzed. The main simulation techniques are summarized and compared, in terms of the determination of macroscopic quantities usually associated with nanoscopic details of the sample.
The north-central region of Portugal has undergone significant afforestation of the species Pinus pinaster and Eucalyptus globulus since the early 1900s; however, the long-term hydrologic impacts of this land cover change are not fully understood. To contribute to a better understanding of the potential hydrologic impacts of this land cover 5 change, this(More)
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