Jose Luis Masa-Campos

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A low profile double-layer polarizer structure is presented for planar patch antennas to obtain circular polarization in 3.5 GHz WiMAX band (3.4–3.6GHz ≈ 5.7% bandwidth). Each polarizer layer is composed of 45◦ tilted metallic strips on a printed circuit. A bandwidth widening is obtained due to a significant reduction of the distance between polarizer and(More)
A conformal array antenna for omnidirectional coverage in the azimuth plane at Ku band is presented. An eight-faced prism structure has been used to obtain the omnidirectional radiation pattern following a maximum theoretical ripple criterion. The radiating element consists of a rectangular waveguide ended on a cavity-slot. An equal power eight-way(More)
A conformal array antenna has been designed in the waveguide technology in order to obtain an omnidirectional radiation pattern in the azimuth plane at the Ku-band. The antenna shape is a regular prism, where the single radiating elements, which consist of a rectangular waveguide ended on a cavity–slot, are placed on the planar faces of the prism.(More)
A substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) linear array is presented with a new circularly polarized (CP) element. The single radiator consists of four cross tilted slots. In addition, a pair of tuning metallic vias is included to improve the reflection of longest slots. A 16-element antenna prototype with -26-dB Taylor distribution and 1.5% residual power was(More)
A linearly polarized patch array with direct probe feed over substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) network (LP-PASIW) for Ku-band is presented. A double-stacked microstrip patch structure has been used as radiating elements. Internal SIW coupling patches are placed inside the SIW to obtain the desired radiation pattern. The internal coupling and external(More)
A low profile dual linear/circular polarization antenna is presented for 3.5 GHz WiMAX band (3.4 – 3.6 GHz ≈ 5.7 % bandwidth). An external polarizer composed of 45° tilted strips on a printed circuit is placed significantly close over the radiating patches, and a circular polarization bandwidth widening is obtained. 8% average bandwidth(More)
A 8×8 reconfigurable array antenna with dual lineal/circular polarization for WIMAX applications at 3.5 GHz has been designed. The antenna is composed of 4 elements basic cell sub-arrays with a Butler matrix inside. The basic cell sub-arrays are combined by means of digital phase shifters. The measured results of the radiating elements and RF modules(More)
A computer automated design methodology to synthesize a progressive wave array antenna is presented. The proposed method is based on the generalized-scattering matrix and spherical wave expansion analysis of the array. Mutual coupling effects between radiating elements are inherently considered in the design process. A linearly polarized 24-element(More)
A 16-element circularly polarized (CP) Substrate Integrated Waveguide (SIW) linear array antenna with -26 dB Taylor distribution and 2% residue power at 17 GHz is designed. The single element consists of four crossed inclined radiating slots. In this configuration, reflection goals on the linear array are not fully achieved. For this reason a tuning element(More)
A linearly polarized 2×2 patch array fed by a corporate Substrate Integrated Waveguide network for Ku band is presented. The utilization of a corporate topology in the feeding network prevents the antenna from suffering an unintended main lobe tilt dispersion. Nevertheless, the inter-element spacing increases, and so does the Side-Lobe Level.(More)