Jose Luis Garcia

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This paper provides the results of a complete study about the indoor radio propagation channel at 17 GHz. Wideband parameters, as coherence bandwidth or rms delay spread, and coverage are analyzed for the design of an OFDM-based broadband WLAN. Discussion about some adequate system parameters is also included. The report presents the characterization(More)
This paper presents an in-depth study of a UWB indoor radio channel between 1 and 9 GHz, which was used for the subsequent development of a new statistical UWB multipath channel model, focusing on short range indoor scenarios. The channel sounding process was carried out covering different indoor environments, such as laboratories, halls or corridors. A(More)
Cost-benefit analysis was performed to determine the profitability of producing wine grapes under different irrigation regimes. Vines irrigated by regulated deficit irrigation (RDI) and partial root-zone drying (PRD) were compared with vines grown under full irrigation in a typical vineyard in a semiarid environment with scarce water resources(More)
In the WIND-FLEX project a high bit rate, up to 100 Mbit/s, indoor modem architecture providing a wireless access to the Internet is developed and researched. The system is jointly optimised between baseband functions and MAC/DLC layer offering adaptivity, flexibility and reconfigurability in run time. This paper specifies main parameters, requirements and(More)
The objective of this study was to attempt to deliver glipizide from spheres and compacts containing the natural polymer Carrageenan (Gelcarin, GP 812) and prepared by extruder/marumerizer technique. A second objective was to evaluate the mucoadhesive strength of the bioadhesive spheres onto the mucus membrane of rabbit. The effects of polymer, drug level,(More)
The paper describes a new wireless LAN being developed in the 17Ghz band: the WIND-FLEX system. A brief but complete review of the hardware in its IF and RF sections is presented. Both design and development influences have been treated, and, among others, oscillators, amplifiers and antennas are presented. Also MAC and DLC protocols are described with(More)
In experimental culture conditions in tanks, the effect of weight (W: 11–452 g) and temperature (T: 14–29°C) on the growth rate (SGR, % bw day−1) and maximum daily food intake (SFR, % bw day−1) in sharpsnout sea bream (Diplodus puntazzo) was studied. The possible combined effect of both independent variables (W and T) was also analyzed by multiple(More)
The objective of this research was to use the natural polymer Carrageenan to obtain controlled release spheres loaded with glipizide using the cross-linking technique. The effect of polymer level and drug load were investigated. The drug was dispersed in Carrageenan solution and the dispersion was dropped by a device containing 3 disposable syringes into(More)