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Acknowledgements: We wish to thank the Ford Foundation for financial support that made this publication possible. We also appreciate and recognize William Additional copies of this report may be purchased for $15.00 (CA residents add 7.5% sales tax, Los Angeles residents add 8.25% sales tax) plus $7.00 for shipping. Survey. The CIRP is now the nation's(More)
This paper is focussed on algorithms to solve the k-shortest path problem. Three codes were described and compared on rand and grid networks using random generators available on Codes were also tested on the USA road networks available on the same URL address. One million paths were ranked in less than 3 seconds on random instances with 10 000 nodes and 10(More)
* During the preparation of this report, including the feedback from participants from various countries, cultural and disciplinary backgrounds, it became clear that " words matter. " They matter because we communicate by way of the written or spoken word. Some of the key words, including notions and concepts, used during the workshop were either not easily(More)
Conserving biodiversity on farmland is an essential element of worldwide efforts for reversing the global biodiversity decline. Common approaches involve improving the natural component of the landscape by increasing the amount of natural and seminatural habitats (e.g., hedgerows, woodlots, and ponds) or improving the production component of the landscape(More)
Agricultural intensification is a leading cause of landscape homogenization, with negative consequences for biodiversity and ecosystem services. Conserving or promoting heterogeneity requires a detailed understanding of how farm management affects, and is affected by, landscape characteristics. We assessed relationships between farming systems and landscape(More)
The passage of California's ballot initiative Proposition 209 in 1996, that, effectively, ended race consciousness in admission policies adversely impacted traditionally underrepresented minorities' (URMs) undergraduate access to the University of California. This post-209 policy effect has been measured by examining the differences in URMs applications,(More)
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