Jose Juan Hernandez

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Regarding electrical systems as complex systems offers new approaches for analysing, modelling and simulating those systems. Using software engineering techniques like Model Driven Engineering, a disag-gregated model for household electricity demand is created. The Tafat framework for simulating complex energy systems is presented, including the concepts of(More)
BACKGROUND Currently there is no standard algorithm to identify whether a subject is residing in a nursing home from administrative claims. Our objective was to develop and validate an algorithm that identifies nursing home admissions at the resident-month level using the MarketScan Medicare Supplemental and Coordination of Benefit (COB) database. METHODS(More)
The evaluation of the emergent behaviour in complex systems requires an analytical framework which allows the observation of different phenomena that take place at different levels. In order to observe the dynamics of complex systems, it is necessary to perform simulations so that both local and the emergent behaviour can be observed. To this end, the way(More)
Decision making processes in some contexts, such as construction of infrastructures, require the design of prospective experiments. These experiments are designed to test hypothesis raised in the design phase. Following an adaptive methodology, these experiments will feed new iterations. In many cases, the development of these experiments is so costly that(More)
Introduction ChemCo, a specialty chemical manufacturer, is considering how to best redesign its distribution network in Texas. This decision is especially relevant as the due date approaches for renewing their contracts with several of the 3PL warehouses they are currently using. David, the operations manager for the Texas region, has been actively leading(More)
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