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This paper presents a decentralized algorithm for area partition in surveillance missions that ensures information propagation among all the robots in the team. The robots have short communication ranges compared to the size of the area to be covered, so a distributed one-to-one coordination schema has been adopted. The goal of the team is to minimize the(More)
— This paper proposes a distributed approach to solve long endurance area surveillance missions with a team of quad-rotors, taking into account the communication constraints. The presented system based on " one-to-one " coordination ensures to get a near optimal solution keeping a periodic information interchange between all the members of the team. A set(More)
— This paper presents the perimeter surveillance problem using a set of cooperative robots with heterogeneous speed capabilities under communication constraints. The problem is solved using a frequency-based approach. In the proposed path-partition strategy, the robots patrol a segment length related to their own capabilities and interchanges information(More)
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