Jose J. Castro

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PURPOSE To analyze the influence of higher-order aberrations on binocular visual performance under mesopic conditions. METHODS We measured aberrations in both eyes of 35 emmetropic observers with a Wasca aberrometer. Binocular visual performance was checked with both binocular summation for contrast sensitivity function and a parameter that characterizes(More)
Spatial variation in the recruitment of the intertidal barnacles Chthamalus montagui and Chthamalus stellatus was examined over an European scale. The study was carried out using 0022-0981/$-see front matter D 2004 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved. standardised protocols at a series of locations. The five locations chosen (SW Ireland, NW Spain, SW Portugal(More)
We develop a new visual test, designed as software for quantifying discrimination capacity under low-illumination conditions. This is an important task in the presence of visual disturbances, such as those perceived by subjects with some ocular pathologies. For this purpose, we propose a visual-disturbance index, checking the test with two groups of(More)
The aim of this work is to determine the influence of interocular differences in retinal image quality on binocular visual performance. We measured the contrast sensitivity function (both monocular and binocular) and we computed binocular summation. Data on retinal image quality were taken from a double-pass device (OQAS, Optical Quality Analysis System;(More)
In this work, we propose the Halo test, a simple visual test based on a freeware software for quantifying and displaying night-vision disturbances perceived by subjects under different experimental conditions, more precisely studying the influence of the alcohol consumption on visual function. In the Halo test, viewed on a monitor, the subject's task(More)
We evaluate the effect of the emmetropization technique LASIK (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) on stereoscopic vision. For this, we used a mirror stereoscope to measure the upper disparity limit D(max) before (with best correction) and after LASIK for 30 patients. The results show that the upper disparity limit declines from 41.1 min of arc on(More)
The aim of this study is to examine the effects of aging as well as visual impairment on retinal-image quality and visual performance in drivers. We use a new visual test called Halo v1.0 software for quantifying the discrimination capacity, an important visual function for evaluating the visual disturbances perceived by the observer. The study included 55(More)
The advances in new techniques for correcting presbyopia, such as a small aperture combined with monovision, require an in-depth study of binocular aspects. In this work, we have studied binocular visual performance of 12 subjects after inducing different degrees of anisocoria combined with two different add powers in the non-dominant eye. We have analysed(More)
Landlocked lagoons are naturally stressed environments. They are strongly influenced by freshwater input which not only varies naturally, but which is also impacted by anthropogenic activities. This study investigated the direct influence of freshwater discharges on the distribution patterns and abundance of benthic communities in two neighbouring(More)