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Improved methods for targeting HIV testing among patients most likely to be infected are required; HIDES I aimed to define the methodology of a European wide study of HIV prevalence in individuals presenting with one of eight indicator conditions/diseases (ID); sexually transmitted infection, lymphoma, cervical or anal cancer/dysplasia, herpes zoster,(More)
OBJECTIVE HIV treatment failure is commonly associated with drug resistance and the selection of a new regimen is often guided by genotypic resistance testing. The interpretation of complex genotypic data poses a major challenge. We have developed artificial neural network (ANN) models that predict virological response to therapy from HIV genotype and other(More)
Managing patients who present late with HIV infection is challenging. All late-presenting patients should have an individual treatment plan that encompasses both antiretroviral therapy and, where necessary, treatment for opportunistic diseases. Timely initiation of treatment in late presenters is crucial but the optimal time to start therapy depends on many(More)
BACKGROUND State-of-the-art care involving the utilisation of multiple health care interventions is the basis for an optimal long-term clinical prognosis for HIV-patients. We evaluated health care for HIV patients based on four key indicators. METHODS Four indicators of health care were assessed: Compliance with current guidelines on initiation of: 1)(More)
INTRODUCTION Treatment with ritonavir-boosted protease inhibitors and nucleoside analogues frequently leads to rises in lipids, which might increase the cardiovascular risk. The aim of this study was to describe changes in lipid levels among HIV positive patients participating in the GARDEL study. MATERIALS AND METHODS The GARDEL study compared the(More)
INTRODUCTION Proteinuria (PTU) is an important marker for the development and progression of renal disease, cardiovascular disease and death, but there is limited information about the prevalence and factors associated with confirmed PTU in predominantly white European HIV+ persons, especially in those with an estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) of(More)
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