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General rights Copyright and moral rights for the publications made accessible in the public portal are retained by the authors and/or other copyright owners and it is a condition of accessing publications that users recognise and abide by the legal requirements associated with these rights. • Users may download and print one copy of any publication from(More)
Spatially distributed transmission points connected to the same source, known as distributed antenna systems, is one of the promising communication techniques that is capable to improve system performance. The distribution of the transmission points over a large geographical area increases the chances for the receive mobile station (MS) to experience(More)
—Downlink beamforming in Massive MIMO either relies on uplink pilot measurements—exploiting reciprocity and TDD operation, or on the use of a predetermined grid of beams with user equipments reporting their preferred beams, mostly in FDD operation. Massive MIMO in its originally conceived form uses the first strategy, with uplink pilots, whereas there is(More)
Coordinated Multi Point (CoMP) transmission and reception techniques are used in order to improve the performance of single or multiple cells in wireless systems. A system using CoMP techniques is capable of jointly optimizing its transmission and/or reception and, hence, achieving higher performance. In this work, performance evaluation of three CoMP(More)
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