Jose Enrique Barrios Fontoba

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Accidental ingestion of foreign bodies is a common problem in children, but ingestion of magnets is rare. When multiple magnets are ingested, they may attract each other through the intestinal walls, causing pressure necrosis, perforation, fistula formation, or intestinal obstruction; as has been reported in 13 cases in the past 10 years. We report the(More)
Wandering spleen is a clinical condition in which an absence of ligaments and a long vascular pedicle allows the spleen to move freely in the abdomen. It is a rare entity in children but the exactly incidence is unknown because most of them are asymptomatic. The most common form of presentation is acute, chronic or intermittent abdominal pain caused by(More)
Our experience in 12 cases of pediatric patients with scimitar syndrome is reported. Except for one, all of them presented cardiac or respiratory manifestations. The symptomatology was related to associated defects (3 atrial septal defects and 1 multiple peripheric pulmonary stenosis), degree of pulmonary hypoplasia, size of the right to left shunt and(More)
Classic treatment for pyriform sinus fistula (PSF) has been surgical excision; however, less invasive therapeutic alternatives whose aim is the obliteration of the sinus have been described subsequently. The authors present a technical modification of endoscopic sclerosis with diathermy (ESD): continuous infusion of air flow through the flexible endoscope(More)
Twenty four patients diagnosed and operated of hypertrophic pyloric stenosis were examined by ultrasonography at diagnostic and sequential after pyloromyotomy. We measured pyloric diameter, thickness and length of the muscle and we calculated the pyloric volume. The overall configuration of the pylorus is more important than specific pyloric dimensions for(More)
The hydroelectric and pH alterations that produce the digestive irrigation previous to the surgery, have justified the fulfillment of this study, addressed to design a kind of solution to be used at pediatric patients. It has been used two solutions: one of them proposed by Davis (S_I), and the other (S_II), is Davis' solution modification, in which it is(More)
Contribution of 14 patients with Unilateral Total Multicystic Renal Dysplasia treated with conservative criteria, with particular emphasis in the absence of clinical complications, as well as the natural tendency to involution of the affected organs. Five dysplastic kidneys disappeared in the ultrasound, 4 decreased in size, 3 remained the same and 2 have(More)
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