Jose Eduardo Thomaz

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Compliance to the Indiana Department of Transportation's (INDOT) highway design criteria is considered essential to ensure the roadway safety. However, for a variety of reasons, situations arise where exceptions to standard-design criteria are requested and accepted after review. This research explores the impact that design exceptions have on the accident(More)
Results Forty two patients, male (45%), age mean 27.1±16.9 years. Symptoms started at median age 14 years (range 1 to 58ys.). Thirty seven (86%) had familial history of HAE. They had a median of 2 episodes/mo (range 0.2 to 30) lasting 3±1.7 days/episode. Edema of limbs, face, genital and laryngeal, abdominal pain, diarrhea and vomiting were seen in 73.8%,(More)
The limited quality of location data poses a major problem to those who want you use these data for research or safety management. A considerable proportion of crashes remain unassigned to specific road locations. This fact is sometimes overlooked because crash database queries return crashes assignable to locations but do not issue warnings about crashes(More)
The Joint Transportation Research Program serves as a vehicle for INDOT collaboration with higher education institutions and industry in Indiana to facilitate innovation that results in continuous improvement in the planning, design, construction, operation, management and economic efficiency of the Indiana transportation infrastructure. NOTICE The contents(More)
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